NEWS: Here’s Our ZapCon List!

Firebird Pinball is proud to support another year of ZapCon, Arizona’s biggest and best pinball and arcade convention.
All of the hundreds of games at the convention are donated for the weekend by their owners, who also haul them out to the Mesa Convention Center for the event. That’s a lot of work by a lot of people, and we’re glad they’re so generous.
(We’re also glad they own such awesome games.)

ZapCon just released the games list for this year’s event (April 16-17). Here’s what we’re taking!


We’ll be unveiling our custom The Walking Dead pinball machine, a rethemed Barracora based on the graphic novel art.

The Walking Dead (Comic Book Version custom conversion of Barracora)
Road Kings
Super Mario Brothers
America’s Most Haunted
Chicago Cubs Triple Play
Swords of Fury
Mustang LE
Wheel of Fortune


WCS promo
We have some work to do on this World Cup Soccer, but hope it bring it down!

World Cup Soccer
Star Trek Next Generation
Fish Tales
Phantom of the Opera


We’ll bring down the last of our mini arcade machines, the Galaga on the far right, our kids’ first video game.

Mini Galaga
Full-size Centipede