NEWS: Huge New Arcade Almost Here!

We’re almost there. That’s right. It’s almost opening day for the new Tilt Studio at Arizona Mills!

Tilt Logo

Tilt Exterior
This place has taken over the old Game Works corner of the mall, down by the movie theater and the food court. It promises two stories of games (40,000 square feet!), including around 15 pinball machines! The lineup looks pretty solid, with a lot of recent releases — Ghostbusters! Metallica! The Walking Dead! KISS! And some cool classics — Freefall! Silverball Mania! Bally Star Trek!

Tilt Pinball
Here’s a shot from a friend of ours who’s going to be one of the techs at Tilt. Isn’t this a beautiful site?!
Tile Games
Here’s a closer shot of the classics section. Nice!

Plus, did we mention the full bar? That’s right, you can drink while you play. There’s also a full restaurant upstairs, and around 100 other games that aren’t pinball but still look cool, from video games to toy cranes and ticket-redemption stuff for the kiddos.
The folks in charge of Tilt are running some cool promotions in advance of their Aug. 15 opening date. So check out their site and follow their FB page. It’s great to have another place to play pinball in Arizona!
We’ll see you