NEWS: It’s ZapCon Eve!

Seven-year lull? No way.
If you were worried ZapCon might have grown ho-hum in its seventh incarnation, forget about it.  There are some big changes this year, and you’ll definitely want to make the trek down to the Mesa Convention Center, 263 N. Center St., this weekend to check out more than 350 pinball machines and arcade games, tournaments galore, a big second room that features a bar and stage, dozens of vendors and artists, and, of course, the awesome Firebird Pinball booth.
Check out some sights from ZapCon Eve:

We’re digging the game layout this year, which stretches farther back past partitions for even more room, and even more games.
Here’s a view from the other end of the floor. There are some great games out there this year, from 23 NIB Sterns to a surprising number of custom and restored games.
Here are a few of those brand-new ones. We got in a couple of games on these. Head toward the back of the room before the lines form!
Max especially liked this one. He got his dad’s musical taste.
Milo liked the looks of this one.
Look, there’s our booth! Check out the Firebird Pinball corner for parts, repair appointments, and game sales. And remember to vote for the Best of ZapCon here!
Here’s our row of beauties for sale. We were happy to finish this Addams Family restoration in time for the convention!
Here’s the boss making some last-minute adjustments. We expect you’ll see him fixing a game or two this weekend.
Speaking of the array of games out there this year, check out this amazing custom game Black Hole from Outpost Kodelia. You can stop by and talk to the awesome couple behind this game. Did we mention they’re awesome?
Here’s another custom game that caught our eye. This one came from New Mexico. The modified artwork and playfield updates were definitely being talked about.
Moto’s Glass is back this year, hurray! Get your commemorative Zapcon Seven pint glasses, or even an etched Pickle Rick. Wolfman approved!
Make sure you check out the tournaments this year. We spotted a couple smarties getting in some practice games on the bank of games reserved for the women’s tournament on Saturday. The IFPA overall tournament and classics tournament move to the back of the room, behind where we’re located.
Here’s the boss again. He was everywhere Thursday and Friday! It took a lot of work to get this thing set up and we’re thankful for all the help we got, all the volunteers who make this happen, and all the folks who work hard for ZapCon all year.
Now get out there and play some games this weekend. Like this guy! He knows what’s going on. Tim, you’re a wise man!

See you at ZapCon this weekend!