NEWS: Montage of ZapCon Day Two

We hope everyone’s gotten some rest after ZapCon 3.0! Organizers and fans alike are calling it the best one yet. Thanks again to everyone who made it happen!

Now check out the montage of Sunday at ZapCon!

ZapCon Day Two 1
Everyone was up bright and early Sunday for Day Two of ZapCon.
ZapCon Day Two 2
There were a lot of families all weekend.
ZapCon Day Two 3
Did you know ballerinas love pinball?
ZapCon Day Two 4
We especially loved seeing all the fathers and kids who came down to play. Here’s our friend Jason and his lovely daughter!
ZapCon Day Two 5
Some of the parents were definitely starting them early. Good job, Mama!
ZapCon Day Two 7
Pinball as far as the eye can see!
ZapCon Day Two 8
These guys rock! Check out the GravitreX games they brought up from Tucson. Check out their site!
ZapCon Day Two 9
Here’s our friend Moto with some of the etched glass pieces he’s made. Check out his work on FB!
ZapCon Day Two 91a
Leslie and Kris, in a rare moment at the booth together!
ZapCon Day Two 92
Another shout out to the awesome folks behind this one: Wes, Chris, and Wes, you guys rock!
ZapCon Day Two 94
Two of our judges, in serious debate about who they’d pick for our Best of ZapCon categories.
ZapCon Day Two 95
And then it was over. And we all had to pack up.
ZapCon Day Two 96
There’s the Tucson contingent, looking forward to the drive home!
ZapCon Day Two 97
This place looked better before…
ZapCon Day Two 98
Heading for home.
ZapCon Day Two 99
Parting is such sweet sorrow. Oh wait, that’s just my sciatica.