NEWS: On Location at Tilt Studio!

We finally had a few hours to go check out the new pinball mecca in town, Tilt Studio at Arizona Mills mall in Tempe. Check out our montage!

Tilt opened around two weeks ago, taking over the former Game Works location on the north side of the mall, by the theater and the food court.
Folks we know have been most excited about this part of the arcade: The beautifully long row of pinball machines on the second story of the 40,000-square-foot building.
When we got there on Sunday, a group of hard-core players was just finishing up Tilt’s very first pinball tournament.
Soon enough, we were nearly alone with this row of beauties. Tilt has 20 pinball machines on the floor, a nice blend of not-too-old and nice-and-new.
Of course, everyone has someone in their family who’d actually rather play something else than pinball. Max was drawn to Luigi’s Mansion, one of around 150 other games at Tilt.
We played this one for quite a while, smashing pies into the faces of Japanese office workers in a plot we didn’t quite follow.
Tilt has lots of crane games too!
As soon as he won a Pikachu, Milo deemed Tilt an awesome place.
Max and his Pikachu agree!
We especially liked this display. Tilt basketballs appear a little confused as to their actual purpose in life.

Now don’t you want to get yourself down to Tilt, too?