NEWS: Twas the Night Before ZapCon

ZapCon is this weekend! It’s finally here! We had a blast checking out the state’s biggest pinball and arcade convention during Friday night setup — and you’re going to have an amazing time this weekend! Here are the highlights, so you know what to expect. (Awesomeness, expect awesomeness!)

There are around 350 arcade and pinball games at this year’s ZapCon, the sixth iteration of the already venerable convention. These games fill the floor so well!
The shot from the other end of the floor shows off what’s going to be one of the most popular spots of the weekend, the bank of brand-new Sterns adjacent to the Marco Specialties booth.
In case you didn’t see that banner… Yes, Iron Maiden will be playing the Mesa Convention Center this weekend! We got in a couple of games on one of the Maidens there. Definitely worthwhile!
Of course, there are lots of other pinball machines you might want to take a turn with. Here’s the boss checking on some of the 15 we took down, most of them FOR SALE!
The other boss got in a few games too after finishing up work on Friday, finally getting to check out Total Nuclear Annihilation for the first time. (Definitely worthwhile too!)
Firebird’s junior crew got to check out the fun on Friday, too, making sure to spend some time in the good old console lounge. (Surprise!)
After we dragged them out of the lounge, the kids discovered some really great skill games, like this Monte Carlo!
Max also had a frustratingly good time with Fire Escape.
This game is older than the both of them combined, and still way cool. Check out this row for sure!
And make sure to stop by this little game with someone who’s recently angered you. Panic Park isn’t for the mild-mannered…!
The boss and this other awesome dude (hi, Chris!) spent a few minutes putting special legs on this Super Mario Brothers machine.
Check it out! We made Mario small! And check out these other pint-size machines!
ZapCon is always great for families, but this year is even better. The kids’ pinball tournament even got a revamp. Make sure to check it out at the StarFighters Arcade booth!
So have a great weekend at ZapCon. See a few old friends (hello to these awesome friends!). Play a few old games. Buy a machine from us!
And make sure to say hi to Robert from D&D Pinball. He’s the guy with the awesome hair (and the brand-new Star Wars)!