NEWS: We Have a Winner!

We celebrated our fifth anniversary in September, and we were happy to share our big celebration with you! But we were happier still that you shared with us. We received a whole lot of entries for our special anniversary contest, in which we asked you to show us your Fireball swag, games, game room, or more. Check out these great pics, and find out who won at the bottom of the page!

  Our first entry remained one of our favorites, from our good friends Chris and James. These guys are so cool that even their dogs rock. Thanks for setting the bar so high, guys!
We got some cool game room shots too! Thanks to Ed and Jayne for this shot. (Your room will look even cooler in another month!)
Mark & Tracy have an excellent game room too! We’re glad to have helped start your pinball addiction!
We received some good entries too from the Tilt Studio Tempe Pinball League. We’re glad to help support this new league! These guys look great in Firebird shirts!
Look at all these awesome pinball players!
Another Tilt tournament winner, proudly showing off his Firebird swag. Thanks, Ernie!
But there can be only one winner. And in a double, blind draw, both our assistants chose this guy, who’s proud of The Simpsons machine we brought into his life. Thanks for the entry, Lee! You win a $75 gift certificate from Firebird!

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest, and great thanks to all our customers. It’s been an amazing five years, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. Now go break your machines some more so we can come back and see you again!!