NEWS: ZapCon 7 Day Two Coverage

As much fun as we had at ZapCon on Saturday, Sunday was even better! Check it out! And, yes, if you weren’t there, you definitely missed out.

These people deserve a round of applause! Thanks to all the great people who volunteer to make ZapCon happen, but especially those who were there first thing Sunday morning!
One more cheer for Wes, and check out his awesome shirt!
Happy people began making their way in and midday found a crowd around most banks of games.
We made our way upstairs and checked out the beautiful sight of more than 350 machines all happily humming.
Some of our games from overhead. We took down 17 games and helped move even more. Yeah, that part was fun. The good news is some of them are still for sale!
All the effort is worth it when you see how much everyone enjoys themselves.
We had some fun too, getting in a few games on some of the 23 new Sterns delivered especially for the show.
We checked out some of the awesome vendors.
Moto’s Glass has such an amazing booth.
ZapCon included an artists’ alley this year, too, with some beautiful jewelry and other cool items.
Another cool addition this year: Multi Bowl, which won our Best of ZapCon Custom Game award. This thing was hilarious!
Also new this year: Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator, which was packed.
We were happy to see a lot of old friends this year, including our buddies from This Old Arcade.
Check them out in action!
The giant Nintendo controller returned, and anchored a spot in the newly relocated retro lounge.
That’s where this game held court all weekend too, the always-popular Killer Queen.
Did you try your hand at Pin Golf? Sponsored by the Electric Bat.
Before we knew it, it was over.
Nothing left to do but the packing.
And the going home.
Hear ye, hear ye, ZapCon is over, say Kris and Antonio. But check out our Saturday coverage, Best of ZapCon awards, and more!

We’ll see you next year!