NEWS: ZapCon Load-In Has Begun!

We just got back from the Mesa Convention Center, dropping off our first load of games for ZapCon this weekend! We were happy to see some familiar faces, also getting their machines all set up for the big event. Check out the very beginnings of the making of ZapCon!

Woo-hoo, it’s ZapCon time! Our trusty Firebird truck hauled down nine games this morning to the Mesa Convention Center, where ZapCon will rule this weekend.
We were met by an awesome sight: Twenty-three new-in-box machines straight from Marco for ZapCon weekend. That’s a whole lot of Beatles, Deadpool, Black Knight 3K, and more!
There are a whole lot of other games waiting for you too. Although it was early, we were happy to notice there are TWO ROAD KINGS already there Thursday morning.
Here’s Leslie doing her part. Now we just have to fill out the rest of the floor. Organizers are expecting some 350 games this weekend!
We get by with a little help from our friends.
We also get entertained by them! Ben needs some kind of award for keeping us all going with his accordion music on Thursday.
Some more of our machines waiting to be assembled. We’ll have a ton of great games FOR SALE this weekend. Come by and see us. Take home the best souvenir of all!
Who could resist stopping by to talk to Leslie? We’ll be holding down the Firebird booth the whole weekend! Let us know what parts you need.
Some of the other early arrivals.
You might also get to see something unboxed if you get there early!

See you at ZapCon this weekend!