Nightmare Castle in the House!

Check out what we just got! We’ve been waiting months for our newest machine to arrive!

The call came late last week, that the newest game from Spooky Pinball had arrived at the depot downtown.
We’ve been waiting months for this game to show up, so we were pretty excited to get it in the shop and unboxed.
That’s right, it’s Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle, finally in our shop. The Big Boss took the first game, of course.
This game looks amazing, with tons of great art and a theme that’s perfect for one of Phoenix’s most famous residents and rock stars.
We’ve been proud to support Spooky since the boutique company in Wisconsin came out with its first game in 2014, America’s Most Haunted.
Everyone wanted to get in some games, even our junior tester. Thanks, Spooky! We like your style.