No Doubt, The Shadow Goes Beyond

Who knows what pinball game you should play next? The Shadow knows!
Seriously, folks, this game looks and plays amazing, and it’s so much fun! Check out The Shadow!

Bally came out with The Shadow in 1994, and produced nearly 4,250 of the games. (IPDB)
The theme, of course, comes from the nearly 100-year-old eponymous character, first created for radio serials in 1930.
The pinball game was based on the Hollywood movie version of the character, which came out that same year and starred Alec Baldwin and Tim Curry. (Wiki)
The game mirrors the style of the movie and features a beautiful art deco look and a fun layout, with an upper playfield, controllable ramp diverters, and more. We installed Cointaker LEDs throughout to make it even prettier.
Even that upper playfield has a beautiful glow!
The game has been fully shopped and cleaned throughout, with everything pulled off the playfield to be tumbled, buffed, polished, or washed, new rings installed, and some custom touches too, including color-coded post sleeves.
Everything plays perfectly now, and works 100%. This game is fast and fun!
Don’t you wish you’d called us?