No More Broken Pinball

We get to go to some cool places to fix pinball machines, and we recently checked out one of the coolest teen hangouts we’ve ever seen! Have you heard of Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock teen center? Check it out! (Now complete with working pinball!)

Located on the north side of Phoenix in a strip mall, the Alice Cooper Solid Rock teen center has spent a decade helping teens meet their spiritual, economical, physical, and social needs.
According to its web site, the folks who run the center believe that “a teen’s worst enemy is too much time on their hands,” so they provide music, arts, vocational programs, and fellowship that challenge teens to discover their passion through music, dance, video and sound production, self-expression, and creativity.
This place has a ton of cool memorabilia inside, and some cool toys to play with too.
Also, this, which we found awesome!
And, thanks to a really nice donor, they now have a pinball machine at the center to complement all the other fun games.
And after the big boss took a trip out recently, the center now has a WORKING pinball machine. Enjoy the game, everyone! Keep on rockin’.