This Game Has Hit the Road

We’ve seen a lot of High Speeds in our day, but we never came across an original game as nice as this one. And it sure didn’t last long! Check it out anyway, and call us more quickly when you see the next one!

Williams came out with High Speed in 1986, and produced more than 17,000 of the machines. (IPDB)
The game was an instant hit, with its universally appealing theme of trying to outrace the police.
Game designer Steve Ritchie allegedly said the game was based on the true story of a time he raced the cops in his Porsche at 146 mph.
We gave this game a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield to be polished, washed, tumbled, buffed, or otherwise cleaned.
We installed Cointaker LEDs throughout. They look great, plus they burn cooler and last longer than traditional bulbs.
We added a few special touches, too, including Super Bands and color-coded post sleeves.
Everything worked 100%!
Here’s another nice shot of those beautiful LEDs. Seriously, this game looked great!
It even came with this cool original topper! What more do you need in life?