Score Big with Ice Fever!

Check out this great hockey-themed pinball machine! Ice Fever is fun for the whole family!

Gottlieb came out with Ice Fever in 1985 and produced 1,585 games, making this a relatively rare model. (IPDB)
In fact, this game is one of only two solid state hockey-themed pinball machines, after Bobby Orr Power Play.
This game has been fully shopped with new rubber rings and LEDs.
The game came from the factory with either red or white pop bumpers, and this has the rarer versions, white with a ref atop.
Check out the cool clear pop bumper platters. They look almost like ice, a cool custom touch in this game.
This game is 100 percent working and functional.
The only thing missing in this game is some players’ teeth!
Enjoy the game, Steve!