Skeeball Enters Our Life

Who doesn’t love Skeeball? Who doesn’t love Skeeball all the time? Who doesn’t love Skeeball in their own backyard? Wait, what?

Yes, Skeeball (or Skee Ball or skee-ball) now is in our backyard. We had a guy call a few weeks ago and ask if we wanted to buy one. Being children of the 80s, we couldn’t hardly resist.

The cork still needs a good cleaning, but the lights all work now and the machine scores correctly. Kris even fixed the ticket dispenser. Um, yay.

 So, yes, our house now has SkeeBall. Let the good times roll!

Here’s the guy who sold it to us. His name is Dan. He even delivered the machine! This is the Model H machine, the mainstay of the 80s, and it’s 13 feet long. Did we mention that Dan is a great guy?!
SkeeBall was invented in 1909 by J. Dickinson Este, according to Wiki. In 1945, the rights were acquired by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, an amusement park ride manufacturer. That’s who made this machine.
Notice that this Model H doesn’t have the 100-point circles in the corners. It was an option for later Model H’s. The machines also do not come equipped with adorable toddlers.
SkeeBall machines originally faced some of the same gambling restrictions that pinball did because the score-generated tickets were exchanged for prizes. However, since the prizes all broke on the car ride home, these restrictions were seldom enforced.
This is generally considered “cheating” in the sport of SkeeBall.