Step up to the Plate, Pinball Player!

Check out this Silver Slugger pinball machine. It has all the fun of baseball and pinball rolled into one game!

Gottlieb came out with Silver Slugger in 1990 and produced around 2,100 games. (IPDB)
This was the first of the company’s six so-called “street-level games,” which featured single-level playfields designed to makes games an economical purchase for route operators.
All that makes this game a relatively rare classic that will appeal not only to baseball fans alike, but almost every novice pinball player out there.
This game has been fully shopped, with all new rings and LEDs installed throughout.
Everything works 100% and this game plays just like a real baseball game. Advance the runners around the backglass to score runs!
Enjoy the game, Nate! You’re the Gottlieb King!