Ted Nugent

Tucson, AZ

Game was brought in by a customer to repair so he could sell it. 

In 1978, Bally, the most popular pinball company at the time got the license to make KISS. Stern, 4th or 5th in the pinball world, got Ted Nugent.

The game booted but was having problems staying booted and would erratically cause the speech board to emit horrible squelching noises.  Also two of the displays were dimly lit and one was heavily burned.

The MPU was replaced with a freshly rebuild one and freeplay roms and a remote battery pack were installed. The sound board had new caps installed and the top connector replaced.  

The high voltage to the displays is adjustable and should be set no higher than 190 volts. The lower the voltage the longer the displays will last, however too low and the displays might not light at all.  We checked the high voltage on the solenoid driver board and it was set very low (at 168 volts). This was turned up to 175 and the dim displays lit up to equal the brightness of the others.  The burnt display was replaced.

One spot about the size of a quarter by the upper saucer was worn. This was color matched and touched up and a piece of mylar was applied on that spot to prevent future wear.

The backglass was flaking in the white.  This was sealed with Triple Thick to prevent any more degredation.

Playfield operation was perfect and nothing else was needed.  All lamps, solenoids and switches worked.