The Awesome Dead

We just finished a full shop job on this amazing HUO Stern The Walking Dead Pro. This game was nice when it came in, and it was amazing when it left, with LED upgrades, and a few custom touches. Check it out!

Stern started producing The Walking Dead in 2014, based on the hit AMC series, based on the even-better series of graphic novels. (IPDB)
This is the Pro version, which came to us from its original owner with only around 1,000 games played.
The game has lots of great nods to the series, including this Bicycle Girl image underneath the left ramp. We made it even cooler with a Bicycle Girl figure!
Here’s another cool addition: Rick in the foreground and a zombie in the back. They’re right next to the barn, another noteworthy toy.
We upgraded the LEDs, adding some select color to the playfield.
Enjoy the game, Kevin. You can tell Leslie did!