The Best Action Hero

We just finished a full shop job on this Last Action Hero pinball machine. It has some cool toys, and lots of references from the underrated movie. Check it out!

Data East came out with Last Action Hero in 1993, and produced around 5,500 machines. (IPDB)
That was the same year the movie of the same name debuted, starring, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his giant head. (IMDB)
The movie is a send-up of the kind of movies that made Arnie famous, as a magic ticket allows a young film fan to be transported into the fantasy world of his favorite action hero.
We gave this game a full shop job, tearing everything off the playfield to be polished, washed, tumbled, buffed, or otherwise cleaned.
We installed Cointaker LEDs throughout as well.
We added a few special touches, too, including color-coded post sleeves and Super Bands on the flippers.
This game is now back home with a way cool family. Enjoy it, guys!