The Big House

We just gave this Big House pinball machine a full shop job. This is a fun game that we hadn’t seen before. Check it out!

Big House 1
Gottlieb came out with this game in 1989, and produced nearly 2,000 units. (IPDB)
Big House 2
It has an interesting theme, with a bunch of anthropomorphic animals breaking out of prison.
Big House 3
We gave the game a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield to be polished, washed, buffed, tumbled, or otherwise cleaned.
Big House 4
This game got full LEDs, too: insert, GI, and flashers.
Big House 5
A few mechanical fixes, and cosmetic touchups, and this game came out looking and playing great.
Big House 6
The game has some fun toys in it, including this ball and chain in the center.
Big House 7
Enjoy the game, Jordan!