The Champagne of Pinball Machines

Who loves Hyperball? We do! That’s why it pained us to put the finishing touches on this Hyperball machine, and send it on its way. This is a great game, a rapid-fire target game that uses mini pinballs to hit the targets. But we found someone who will love it even more than we do. Plus, we still have another one.
Check it out!

Williams came out with Hyperball in 1981 and produced around 5,000 games. (IPDB)
The company originally planned to make some 50,000 of the machines, but it turned out the world wasn’t ready for quite that much coolness. The production run was scaled back significantly.
In this flipperless game, players use a hypercannon to fire up to 250 3/4-inch balls per minute at targets located around the outer edge of the playfield.
We gave the game a full shop job and checked all the mechanics. It plays fast and furiously!
We changed out the lights to LEDs, and added some special touches too, including red post sleeves.
Enjoy the game, Nate. You’re one of the cool kids now.