The Original Pinball Dude

Way before any other Dudes joined the pinball world, there was Dr. Dude, and he was cooler than cool. Check out this Dr. Dude and His Excellent Ray pinball machine! This machine was so nice it might have been Home Use Only, and we added some really cool features.

Bally came out with Dr. Dude in 1990, and produced nearly 4,000 of the games. (IPDB)
The machine is one of four with PARTY HARD themes Bally issued at the peak of ultimate dudeness, following Party Animal and Elvira and the Party Monsters and preceding Party Zone.
This game came to us in EXCELLENT shape, pun intended! The cabinet is near perfect with bright colors, no fade, no tears or damaged corners.
The playfield has been fully shopped with new rubber rings, rebuilt flippers and full LED’s throughout. The often-missing Big Shot figure is present. The game came to us with the factory Mylar still intact, so after carefully removing it we have the unworn playfield art buffed out to a shine.
What makes this title stand out was that Bally used three different colored fluorescent inks on the playfield and plastics as well as some on the apron and cabinet art.
To really take advantage of the fluorescent ink, we added custom UV stadium style lighting and glow-in-the-dark rubber rings to really make it visually pop.
The game would be super cool in a game room with overhead black lights.
Check it out with just the glow-in-the-dark rubber rings still lit after shutting it off!
One more cool feature about this game is the lenticular art on the translite! It changes depending on perspective.