The Pennant Stretch Machine

Since the Big Boss is from Chicago, and since he’s kind of a masochist, he’s been a Cubs fan as long as he can remember. So it seemed like a good idea to pick up this machine, a Chicago Cubs “Triple Play.” Check it out!

Triple Play 1
Gottlieb came out with Chicago Cubs “Triple Play” in 1985, and produced around 1,365 machines. (IPDB)
Triple Play 2
Gottlieb was especially proud of the backglass, which features an homage to Wrigley Field, the National League’s oldest operating ballpark.
Triple Play 3
We’re going to put this one into the personal collection for a while.
Triple Play 4
We’ll see how the NL Central pans out this year, then decide what to do.
Triple Play 5
At least Milo’s enjoying the machine for now.
Triple Play 6
But that’s just because he doesn’t yet understand the concept of false hope.
Triple Play 7
Then again, any game that comes with its own chair has to be some kind of sign, right? Go Cubbies!