The Walking Dead Speech Update

We were impressed with The Walking Dead pinball machine that we picked up last week. But something didn’t seem quite right. That’s the problem when the powers that be decide NOT to use the actual actors for the vocals. But we found a solution. Thanks to a quick download we got from a fellow TWD enthusiast, our machine now features actual actors saying actual lines from the show. Now that’s impressive. Check it out!

This game is for sale! $5100!

Stern started producing The Walking Dead machines in 2014. Almost immediately, fans began questioning the vocal choices made with the machine.
The problem, they said, was that none of the cast members from the hit AMC show were used for vocals. And there were some curious decisions about the replacements used, particularly a certain Southern drawl.
The download took about 15 minutes, and now features a lot more of this guy. “No need to get your panties all in a bundle.” “You little pig-sticker!” “He’s going to be hungry again in an hour!” Aaah, Merle. We miss you!
There are downloads available for both the Pro and the Premium editions, and versions for each that are family-friendly, or have profanity. We picked the latter, so now we can hear this guy say: “This is bullshit!” Go, Daryl!
There’s this guy, too. “You’re still a dumbass!” Thanks, Glenn!
But Carol gets the best line of all. Now, when the ball drains out the outlane, you can hear: “Look at the flowers, Lizzie.” Oh yeah. That change alone makes this game infinitely better.