Theater of Magic

Scottsdale, Arizona

Very Nice Theater of Magic with a few switch errors and neither of the magnets at the outlanes are working.

Several of the switch errors are the standard issues, readjust the switch wire and wires broken off.  However TOM has some EDDY sensors that can tell when the ball (or other metal) is over the top of them.  These have to be adjusted periodically to make sure that they are sensitive enough to sense the ball but not so sensitive that it detects the magnet or screws around it.

To adjust these board you use a tiny screwdriver and turn the trim pot counterclockwise until the LED lights, and then turn slowly clockwise until the LED goes out and just a touch past that. We don’t want the LED to come on by itself.  Now test it by running a ball over the top of the sensor on the top of the pf.  The LED should turn on when the ball passes by and shut off when the ball is gone.

After adjusting the 2 switches the right magnet worked but the left didn’t .  In solenoid test the left magnet still didn’t worked.  Checked the fuses (the magnets fuses are on the flipper board) and the fuse was bad, replaced the fuse and we now have 2 working drain magnets.