This Game Looks Like a Million Bucks, or Six

We had a couple of really nice late ’70s machines come through the shop recently. After seeing so many games that have seen better days, it’s nice to share some shots of a quality machine. Check out this sweet Six Million Dollar Man!

Bally came out with Six Million Dollar Man in 1978, and produced around 10,320 of the games. (IPDB)
The game of course was based on the popular Lee Majors’ TV show, which finished up its four-year run the year this game came out.
We had the technology to rebuild this machine, better than before, with new rings and LEDs lights that burned cooler and looked better than traditional incandescent bulbs.
Check out those beautiful lights! We fixed a few minor problems and added a few bonus touches as we gave this machine a full shop job. But this game was in remarkable shape and didn’t need much love.
Enjoy your game, Donald, it’s a beauty!