This Game Was Cosmic!

We just recently said goodbye to a rare game, one that we were happy to find–and then became happy to pass along to someone else. We DO NOT have this Cosmic Gunfight any longer, but here are some pictures in case you ever wanted to see one too!

Williams came out with Cosmic Gunfight in 1982, and produced just around 1,000 of the machines. (IPDB)
According to the Internet Pinball Database, this game was originally supposed to be called Dragonfly and then was dubbed Cosmic Gunfighter.
Its big draw was a new feature called Cosmic Ball, which gave you 30 to 99 seconds of unlimited balls after your last ball.
Of course, its amazing art was its biggest draw though, with a can’t-beat theme of space cowboys.
Unfortunately, this game had seen better days. The playfield art was worn completely through across much of the board.
We gave it a quick touchup and meant to go back in for a better job one of these days, but then someone spotted the game in the back of one of our photos.
So now this crazy and rare machine belongs to a new friend of ours. Enjoy the game! May all your days be cosmic!