This LOTR Was Remarkable!

We recently said goodbye to this amazing Lord of the Rings pinball machine. This game was Home Use Only, with only 505 plays on it. We shopped it and put in new rings and LEDs, and it looked amazing.
Check it out!

Stern came out with Lord of the Rings in 2003, and produced around 5,100 machines. (IPDB)
This game came out the same year as the third installment of Peter Jackson’s cinematic trilogy, based, of course, on the classic J.R.R. Tolkien works.
The game appeals to fans of Middle Earth and players of all skill levels, with its many toys and modes that touch on the best parts of Tolkien’s world.
We gave this machine a full shop job, tearing everything off the playfield to be thoroughly cleaned and polished. We added blue silicone rings when we put it all back together.
We added a few more touches to this one too, including Super Bands and blue post sleeves.
We also installed Cointaker LEDs throughout.
We miss this one already. Enjoy the game, John!