This Pinball Machine Rocks!

Check out how nice this Rock Encore pinball machine turned out! This rare game is a kit conversion that Gottlieb put out from the factory. We had tons of fun playing it, but it’s long gone now!


Gottlieb came out with its Rock pinball machine in 1985, and produced almost 1,900 machines. Despite the game’s obvious ’80’s coolness, operators thought sales figures could be better, so Gottlieb put out a “Booster Pack” conversion kit — aka Rock Encore — in 1986. (IPDB)
The kit consisted of an art and sound conversion: An alternate translite and three new sound ROMs.
We’ve gone over every inch of this game, and it works 100% and plays great!
We installed an NOS translite to make this game even better. It’s so bright and awesome you can practically hear the magic.
We installed Cointaker LEDs throughout this machine. Look at that beautiful glow!
LEDs burn cooler and last longer. Plus, they look better than the traditional incandescent bulbs.
This playfield is amazingly bright and clean.
Admit it. You’d love to be as cool as this machine.
This game is long gone!