Time Fantasy is Finished!!

When your job is to work on pinball machines for other people every day of your life, it’s hard to find the time and motivation for your own games. It’s taken us almost a year, but we finally got our Time Fantasy together! This is one of the prettiest machines we’ve ever owned. So happy with how it came together. Take a look!

Williams came out with this crazy game in 1983, and produced 608 machines, according to IPDB.
Art is by Seamus McLaughlin, also responsible for Pharaoh, Cyclopes, and Hyperball. We found an NOS playfield for this that we clearcoated before installing.
We color-coded almost everything, from lane guides to stationary targets to pop bumpers and post caps.
We found colored translucent pop bumper bodies!
We installed color-changers in the bonus numbers in the rainbow.
Good shot of the “ramp”!
Cabinet got a full stencil job, too.
We found an almost perfect backglass too. Yay, Time Fantasy!