Time Warp is GONE!!

Check out this awesome Time Warp!
We just finished a full shop job on this game, and it looks and plays great. So great that it sold already. Sorry! But keep looking; we’ll have more games!

Williams came out with Time Warp in 1979, and produced nearly 8,900 of the games.
We gave this one a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield to be polished, washed, tumbled, buffed, or otherwise cleaned. Then we touched up a few spots on the playfield and applied an automotive clearcoat to give it a beautiful shine.
We also rebuilt the power supply, and replaced the 40-pin interconnect on MPU and driver board. We removed the batteries and put in an NVRAM, too. The game is set for free play and works 100%!
We added lots of extra little touches, including new drop target stickers.
We also installed Cointaker LEDs throughout the game.
Half of the production run of this game came with Banana flippers, half came with normal flippers. The normal flippers play better than the bananas and are what is currently on the game, but a set of bananas with the rubber caps are included if you wanted to switch over.
Check out that beautiful glow!
This game looks great!
Enjoy the game, Ernie!