Tough Day of Work

Some days in the world of pinball are tough. Some days are terrible. Like last Thursday. The entirety of Leslie’s job was to play-test three of the highest-rated games ever made, to ensure they were ready to go to their new homes. Poor Leslie. Days like that really make her miss her old office jobs.

Tough Day
The workload: Cactus Canyon, Medieval Madness, and Attack From Mars. Keep in mind that play-testing involves at least 30-45 minutes of playing each game, to ensure all mechanics are working, and everything looks the best it can. It was tough.
Attack From Mars
Williams came out with Attack From Mars in 1995, and produced only around 3,500 games. It’s #4 on Pinside’s most-popular list.
Cactus Canyon
Cactus Canyon came out in 1998, Bally’s last traditional pinball machine. There were only about 900 of these games produced, #32 on Pinside’s best-of list.
Medieval Madness
Williams came out with Medieval Madness in 1997 and produced around 4,000 units. It’s #1 on Pinside’s list, so popular that Planetary Pinball came out with a reproduction in 2015. This one required a bit of extra play-testing for some reason. Overtime!

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it?