Gilbert, Arizona

This game needed a good overall checkup.

Playfield was dirty, quite a few bulbs out, couldn’t shoot ball out of the shooter lane, pop bumpers were weak, some switches didn’t work. battery holder was damaged but no corrosion (one of the rivets was missing).  Without working batteries the game will not save high scores and it will not stay on free play.

Added a remote battery pack with fresh batteries, cleaned the playfield, replaced some lamps.

For the shooter lane problem the rubber tip was missing and the shooter wasn’t lined up correctly.  It was hitting the apron (this explains the missing tip).  There are 3 screws that hold the shooter on, loosen those and reposition.

Tested all switches, adjusted a few, but one drop target wasn’t working.  Checked underneath the playfield and the opto gate was completely missing. This is very common on the system 11 Williams pins. Put on new opto and all the switches worked.

Cleaned and adjusted pop bumpers and now the ball goes wild in them.

Lastly while running through the solenoid test, the flash lamps at 8C didn’t work, bulbs tested good.  The solenoid at 8A (which shares a transistor with these lamps) works, so we know that the driver board is good.  The flashlamps all need large sand power reistors and these sometimes get hot and fall off.  Checked the interconnect board in the head where most of these live and one was missing.  Replaced it and the flash lamps work and the game is now 100%.  Gimme Shelter!