Peoria, Arizona

This was another new addition to this customer’s gameroom. The machine was right off route and wasn’t booting all the way.

Game would start and send a check fuse messae for F114 and F115.   Checked all the fuses in the game and indeed F115 was bad, replaced this and the game booted.

The topper lights weren’t working and after checking the bulbs (the topper on Whitewater uses 12V #194 bulbs and we usually see that they have been replaced with #555 6V bulbs which quickly burn out.) we moved to the circuit boards. The lamp sockets were all attached to the boads with no cold solder joints.  The wiring from the lamp boards to the controller board was OK and then when we checked the wiring from the controller to the driver board.

GI connectors on the driver board had already been replaced and were in good shape.

Playtested the game for a few minutes and the game reset itself.  Pulled the driver board and saw that the voltage regulator was yellowed from the heat as was the circuit board under neath it. We replaced this and also did the full standard reset issue fix,  new bridge and cap,  resistor mod in between the voltage regulator and ground, 470 uf cap at C4.