Whoa, Mama!

We’re proud to show off this full restoration, a practically brand-new 1990 Data East Simpsons pinball machine.
Check it out!

Data East came out with this game in 1990, just months after “The Simpsons” made its prime-time debut. (IMDB)
There were about 5,500 of the machines produced. (IPDB) This one came to a local family, and their kids grew up playing it. They asked us to restore the game to the greatness of their memories.
The cabinet and head went down to the wood, then got new decals. The legs were freshly powdercoated as well.
These cabinets are almost always beat, so it’s rare to find one in good shape. This one looks amazing now!
Our restoration experts gave the rest of the machine a full shop job, too, taking everything off the playfield for some much-deserved touchups. Then everything else was polished, buffed, tumbled, washed, or otherwise cleaned, and the game was reassembled.
Our crew checked all the mechanics, and added Cointaker LEDs throughout the game. Look at that beautiful glow!
This game got a few extra touches as well, including these Super Bands, and color-matched post sleeves.
We added the newer Stern cooling towers, too. The originals are almost always destroyed in this game, and this one was no exception.
Grant, we hope you and your family make a lot more wonderful memories with your beautiful game!