WWF Royal Rumble

Gilbert, Arizona

Call was for a dead flipper

Checked out the flipper board in the bottom of the cabinet and 4 of fuse clips were broken.

Replaced those clips and popped the board back in and the flipper still didn’t work.  Checked the coil and 1 wire had come loose, resoldered the wire and it came back to life.

Half of the playfield GI lights were out, checked the PPB board in the lower left in the head and same problem, busted fuse clip. Replaced the clip and the fuse and the power came back on.  Data East used very poor fuse clips and it’s a very common issue that requires replacing anywhere from 1 to over a dozen clips when servicing them.

On the CPU, a previous owner had let the batteries explode and  the CPU processor chip socket was fuzzy with corrosion. Cleaned off the corrosion, replaced the socket and cleaned off the chip.  This should prevent any future problems of the alkali from the battery eating the chip or the circuit board traces.