M&M Bulbs Gets Its First Order!

Our junior assistants were thrilled to get the first order for their new refurbished lightbulb business. Then they realized they had to test 500 lightbulbs. Somehow, they were still thrilled. That’s why kids are great. Check out M&M Bulbs today! Keep our kids busy!

First Order 1
Max, on the left, and Milo demonstrate the rigorous standards M&M Bulbs strives to uphold.
First order 2
That’s a lightbulb testing machine that the Big Boss himself built for the minions’ business.
First Order 3
You know what they say about the family that tests lightbulbs together.
First Order 4
Um, they don’t have a place to eat dinner?
First Order 5
Finally, the finished order!
First order 6
We’re still working on our packaging.