M&M Bulbs

Looking for some cheap bulbs for your pinball machine, or other project? M&M Bulbs has what you need! Our junior assistants recondition our used 44s, 555s, and more, making sure they’re polished to perfection and ready to go into your machine. You can’t beat the price, and these are the only bulbs on the market that have been hand-sorted and polished by adorable children.

Check it out, and order today!



We have a ton of bulbs leftover when we install LEDs in our pinball machines. Max (left) and Milo take all the bulbs, sort them, and prep them for cleaning.


Our junior assistants are a pivotal part of Firebird Pinball, and they’re always happy to have jobs to do.


After the bulbs have been sorted, we put them through our tumbler with some cleaner, to bring back that high-polish look they were born with.


After the bulbs are done tumbling, we sort them again and toss out any blackened bulbs


Milo guarantees satisfaction!


These kids know bulbs. After all, they’ve been sorting and tumbling for half their lives! Here they are a whole year ago.


They’re always happy to help with the family business.


But this part is their own business, and 100 percent of your purchase price goes straight to these guys.


Which means your money will probably go toward Lego, Nintendo, and in-state college (in about 12 years).

M&M Bulbs is a tiny little division of Firebird Pinball, run by our two adorable junior assistants, with some assistance from the grown-ups they like to keep around. Thank you for visiting Milo & Max’s page, and for supporting them while they learn about the importance of hard work, contributing to the family business, financial responsibility, and environmentalism.
Have a great day!!