The We’ll-Get-Them-Next-Year Machine

Shop Notes

You may remember that the Big Boss picked up this Gottlieb Chicago Cubs “Triple Play” last month, just as the pennant stretch got really interesting. 

Triple Play 1

Apparently, it wasn’t the lucky charm Chicago-native Kris had hoped.

Triple Play 2

That was a tough NLCS to watch. Especially because those same Mets knocked out Leslie’s team in the first round.

Triple Play 3

But we’re not crying. The thing is, the Cubbies really did have a good season. And most of these guys are going to be back next year. (Unlike the mercenary Dodgers. Really, Greinke, really?)

Triple Play 4

So we’ll spend the off-season making this game look great.

Triple Play 6

And we’ll make it a World Series commemorative edition in 2016.

See you next year!