The We’ll-Get-Them-Next-Year Machine

You may remember that the Big Boss picked up this Gottlieb Chicago Cubs “Triple Play” last month, just as the pennant stretch got really interesting. 

Triple Play 1
Apparently, it wasn’t the lucky charm Chicago-native Kris had hoped.
Triple Play 2
That was a tough NLCS to watch. Especially because those same Mets knocked out Leslie’s team in the first round.
Triple Play 3
But we’re not crying. The thing is, the Cubbies really did have a good season. And most of these guys are going to be back next year. (Unlike the mercenary Dodgers. Really, Greinke, really?)
Triple Play 4
So we’ll spend the off-season making this game look great.
Triple Play 6
And we’ll make it a World Series commemorative edition in 2016.

See you next year!