Fantastic Once Again

Sometimes shipping goes great. And sometimes it doesn’t. We were contacted by a Scottsdale fashion store recently because a machine they had shipped to them arrived in pieces. With a little bit of work, the game is once again fantastic.
Check it out!

Bally came out with Captain Fantastic in 1976 and the Elton John-themed game has remained popular ever since. Usually, though, it looks a little better than this.
This machine arrived at Marine Layer in Scottsdale with some obvious shipping damage. They contacted us right away.
The game apparently was shipped with the head upright, and it severed from the body during transit.
The base of the cabinet was loose, there was electrical damage, and that was just the beginning of the list.
We contacted our colleague, a skilled carpenter, and asked him for a little help with the job.
In just a few days, we had the game put back together, the mechanics fixed, and lights and rings changed. Check it out on the store floor! Now that’s fantastic!