News: Firebird to sponsor Best of Zapcon!

Firebird Pinball and the good folks at Zapcon are proud to announce the Zapcon Best of Show contest!

For the first time at Zapcon, downtown’s annual pinball and arcade extravaganza, we’re going to crown a king, or queen. Everyone who comes down will get a chance to vote on their favorite pinball machine and their favorite arcade/skill game.

Winner will receive an awesome trophy, a Firebird T-shirt, some Zapcon goodies, and, of course, the chance to hold victory over everyone else’s head for at least a year.

Who was the best pinball machine in Phoenix? Who has the best arcade game? Does restoration matter most, or is it game play? It’s up to you to decide at Zapcon!

Remember, you can’t win if you don’t bring your machine. Volunteers and machines are still being accepted. Sign up now!

For an early peek at the competition, check out Zapcon’s list of games.