NEWS: See our Custom Walking Dead machine at ZapCon!

NEWS,Shop Notes,Zapcon 8 April 2016 | Comments Off on NEWS: See our Custom Walking Dead machine at ZapCon!

This has been our pet project for a while now, a custom pinball themed after the graphic novel version of The Walking Dead. We like Stern’s The Walking Dead. We even owned one for a while. But we like the comic better, and here’s our tribute.
Check it out in person at ZapCon on April 16-17!


We started with a Barracora machine.


Then we put in all new art, courtesy of some graphic designers we know.


We installed full LEDs, of course.


The broken-fence pattern on the plastics creates a cool effect.


Quick: Which of these guys is still alive in the comic? On the TV show?


Our graphic designer friends also helped us with the custom artwork for the cabinet.


We still need to clean up a few spots (and the floor), but it’s looking great!


We have some better legs and rails we’ll put on this thing too.


Way cooler than the original Barracora backglass.


Tell us what you think at ZapCon, where we’ll officially unveil this awesome game!

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