NEWS: ZapCon Day One Coverage

ZapCon 6 may be over, but its memory will live on. If you didn’t get the chance to head down to the Mesa convention this past weekend, we’re truly sorry you missed out. It was a great time. Check out all the fun we had on Saturday!

ZapCon began bright and early at the Mesa Convention Center, 263 N. Center St.
People were lined up even before the doors opened, eager gamers who knew they could get a few games on the best machines if they were first in line.
We were there bright and early too, getting all set up in the booth.
Of course, there was a little last-minute hustle to get everything just right before the doors opened.
And then open they did, to throngs of people almost immediately it seemed.
Families and friends, everyone smiling as they walked in and saw the nearly 350 games that awaited them this year.
The weekend seemed like a well-oiled machine at this point, in its sixth year and going strong, and people knew what they were doing.
Here’s the boss prepping our LED display. We had a work station in the booth this year, so we got lots done!
Day One meant tournaments, tournaments, tournaments.
All across the hall, people tested their mettle against others in their favorite games.
Their were trophies for the victors, and fun for everyone.
It was a beautiful sight to look out over this floor, rows and rows of happy machines and happier people filling the entire room.
After lunch, things really got crazy, as gamers fueled by food trucks packed inside the hall.
Check out the boss, still hard at work into the afternoon! Some of those awesome games there are still for sale, hint hint.
Kids got to stay up late Saturday, happily staying out of arms’ lengths long enough for one more game, one more game.
And then the Minibosses played in the Retro Lounge!
Finally, we took a little break, and even got a turn on Iron Man.
Guess who played it better? So long to ZapCon Saturday night!