Leslie’s Week with Antonio

Not only did Leslie win her first Belles & Chimes tournament last month at StarFighters Arcade, she got to take the trophy with her to ZapCon. In case you haven’t noticed yet, the trophy for the local women’s pinball league is a giant banana named Antonio Banana.

Mostly Antonio had to sit around in the Firebird booth with Leslie, answering questions and attracting a few second glances.
But when we finally shut down for the night on Saturday, he got to go and check out some games.
He thought this one was really cool.
Couldn’t quite reach the pedals on this one.
Antonio said there was something kind of familiar about this Computer Space game.
Of course, he had to say hi to a couple of friends here and there.
And he somehow talked us into taking him up in the balcony for a good view.
Check out Belles & Chimes, the league that actually encourages you to have this much fun.

Thanks for trusting me with Antonio, ladies! He made it home safe & sound, but exhausted!