Theater of Magic

Peoria, Arizona

Customer had the coin door brass plated and after reinstalling it the solenoids don’t work.  Additionally there were some switch errors and the upper GI in the backglass was out.

On the coin door there is a High Voltage Cut-off switch that prevents the solenoids from working when the coin door is open.  By pressing in this switch the solenoids worked again.  The tab on the coin door that pushes this switch was bent. Bending this back into the correct location fixed the solenoid issue.

3 of the 4 switch errors were the same errors as the last Theater of Magic we repaired. Both outlane eddy switches which are described in detail in our prior blog, but also the “vanish Lock #1” switch 83.  This was resolved just by adjusted the actuator.

The GI had the typcially burns on the both connectors.  The one for the playfield and the one for the backglass.  Both the female and male ends of each connector were replaced.