All Packed Up!

The games list for ZapCon has continued to grow, with almost 350 machines now promised for this weekend’s ultimate convention! We packed up our contingent on Wednesday, getting 15 machines out of the shop and into a very large truck. It was just as much fun as it sounds.
Check it out!

Late morning, and half the shop is ready to go!
Ah-ha, our reinforcements arrive, with their very large truck!
The key to moving anything: Good friends. Thanks, Chris and Rachel! You guys rock!
Of course, you have to pace yourself. Make sure to stop and play a game while you pack up. (Especially if the game is the new Ghostbusters that you’re moving for a friend and have never played before!)
Push, boss, push! Use that back!
There’s our mini Galaga machine, safely packed up. See our full list of ZapCon games here.
Fifteen games all ready to go!
And one big Firebird Pinball sign. Now we’re really ready to hit the road!

Good luck getting all your games down to Mesa, folks. Now everyone else get to ZapCon, too, and play the heck out of these things all weekend! We’ll see you there!